• Radioactive lizard surf from the South China Sea

    Radioactive lizard surf from the South China Sea

    People of Earth:

    YOU can meet the intergalactic shape-shifting reverb addicted space lizards with a taste for twang, obscure tunings and a penchant for girls in bikinis.

    YOU can experience the tribal rhythms of lizard surf instro rock

    YOU can see neolithic sex-kittens groove and grind to their hypnotic beat.


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Radioactive Lizard Surf from Hong Kong

Intergalactic shape-shifting reverb addicted space lizards with a taste for twang, obscure tunings and a penchant for girls in bikinis.

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The Zillatones are the house band for the Cutting Room Movie Podcast, one of the best movie review talk shows on the web. The TCR team strive to discuss movies in ways that are insightful, entertaining and deeply personal. Sometimes that means deep analysis, sometimes lots of monkey business. Sometimes it means personal revelations or shedding a tear or two. Subscribe on iTunes.

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Latest news from your favourite reverb-addicted space lizards

The Zillatones.com website updated

The kind earth beings at Sharawaji Records have arranged for us to get a new website, as the previous one just wasn't cutting it.  This website was built by GeckoNET.co.uk.  If you are looking for a website for your band, send them an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask if they can build a website that helps you sell music and get gigs.  Make sure you mention The Zillatones, because they will probably give you a discount.

Oh, we've got to mention that these websites are custom built, not just stock templates or site-builders like you see on some sites.  That's why it is taking time to complete all of the sections of this site.  We had a reverbnation website before because we just wanted a temporary site while we worked on material.  I'm sure that you can see that this website allows us to engage with fans more.  It is search engine optimised and also allows us to access analytics so we can see where our visitors come from.  Nothing is outsourced either, all the work is done by native English speakers.

The hosting is secure and fast with data centres all around the world.  If you have a website already they can do a free migration service.  

Seriously, if you need a website, hosting, graphic design or a domain name go check out www.geckonet.co.uk



Sharawaji Records releases The Zillatones first EP - Planet Lantau

Planet Lantau
Planet Lantau

Sharawaji Records is very proud to announce the release of The Zillatones first EP, Planet Lantau.  It's a sonic portrait of life on Lantau Island by HK's best rock band. First you travel back to the stone age like a VELOCIRAPTOR, and then after that you go to the beach to see nubile asian girls in the MISS MUI WO BIKINI CONTEST, and then after that you do the detective SURF 112 thing (because you ain't been caught stealin' nuthin'), followed by a walk up to CAT CORNER to see what those pesky felines are up to and then its time to go tot the ferry pier and see hordes of feral mainlanders rounded up in the FERAL CATTLE CALL before ending the evening in Lockhart road and stared at by girls using the seductive, but ever so lethal FILIPINA SEX-RAY.

Buy now! on iTunes


and www.thezillatones.bandcamp.com