Radioactive Lizard Surf from Hong Kong

Intergalactic shape-shifting reverb addicted space lizards with a taste for twang, obscure tunings and a penchant for girls in bikinis.

Cutting Room Movie Podcast

The Zillatones are the house band for the Cutting Room Movie Podcast, one of the best movie review talk shows on the web. The TCR team strive to discuss movies in ways that are insightful, entertaining and deeply personal. Sometimes that means deep analysis, sometimes lots of monkey business. Sometimes it means personal revelations or shedding a tear or two. Subscribe on iTunes.

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Fender slinging, 1950s B-movie inspired SURF ROCK combo from Mui Wo, Hong Kong.


The 'Zillatones bring you 1950s B-Movie Surf Rock from Planet Lantau. In 2004 a freak experiment to create the galaxy's biggest reverb tank caused an inter-dimensional portal to appear in the depths of the South China Sea, The 'Zillatones emerged and quickly acquired a vast selection of Fender gear from a nearby cargo vessel. Their only means of returning to their home planet was to create a reverb field by getting everyone on Planet Earth listening to surf music!! In 2013, after mating with Earth-women The 'Zillatones were able to adopt human form and resided in Hong Kong disguised as part-time English teachers. A chance meeting with representatives from Sharawaji Records led to the production of an entire album. Today these shape-shifting reverb-addicted prehistoric space lizards retain a taste for twang, obscure tunings and a penchant for girls in bikinis.

Almost unique within the world of surf rock, The Zillatones make use of the telecaster in addition to Fender's more renowned surf guitars such as the Jaguar, Jazzmaster and Stratocaster. This gives The Zillatones a unique twangy country vibe, and a sonic complexity and maturity not felt in other surf bands.

Band interests Surfing, girls, beaches, travel, promoting environmental awareness, brain science, Neuro Linguistic Programming

Artists we also like The Ventures, The B-52's, Motorhead, Jane's Addiction, Dick Dale, Faith No More, The Lively Ones, Louis XIV